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Thread: More predator control on its way

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    Default More predator control on its way

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    Interesting. Looks like this will be a helicopter based program using ADF&G employees. Expensive proposition conducted in a remote area unlikely to receive the public scrutiny experienced the last ADF&G staff killed wolves. Lot of federal land in this area. Caribou and wolves seem to be getting along fine in other parts of GMU 10 like Unimak. Maybe there is a habitat problem on the peninsula. Lots to consider and not a lot of data from this area. GMU 10 staffing and budgets are pretty low. Seems like a big gamble by the BOG.

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    Its an interesting proposition... lots of pros and cons. The antis use the argument that professional managers should be conducting predator control. So, maybe this is just a test case to see how its handled by the antis.

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    ....and has anyone seen that new ad by the anti's trying to imply a correlation between aerial wolf hunting and the politicians involved in corruption. I had to laugh when I saw it last night(although it's not funny), because they'll do anything to push there agenda forward.
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    How's this for a comment to the ADN story:

    Are we seriously going to pretend that the depleted herd was caused by anything but human intervention? Not just hunting, but deforestation and suburban sprawl as well. How could wolves suddenly accomplish in 25 years what they couldn't accomplish in the centuries before Alaska was a territory?
    Deforestation. Suburban sprawl.

    Depleting the southern Alaska Peninsula herd.


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    From the Management Plan:


    ….Harvest of the SAPCH was fairly high from 1980-1985, probably exceeding 1000 in several years. Starting in 1986 restrictive regulations reduced harvests as the herd continued to decline. By 1993 the herd was below 2500 and all hunting was closed. Poor nutrition appears to have played a major role in the decline of the SAPCH. Predation by wolves and brown bears and human harvest may also have contributed to the decline (Pritcher et al. 1990)……..

    ……The rapid decline of the SAPCH is neither unusual in terms of the history of this herd nor is it inexplicable. The range of the SAPCH has probably never been exceptionally good, and the period of record high numbers of caribou during the late 1970s and early 1980s undoubtedly depleted the preferred forage species……..
    No human hunting there for 15 years.

    Now it's time to reduce the wolves hunting them.........

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    Default PETA: People Eating Tasty Animals

    The tree huggers always spout off their stupidity. Save the cute, warm, fuzzy, harmless, loving and caring wolves! I remember back when the state officials were going to do a controlled burn on a measly 20 acres near Seward to get rid of the very first Japanese bark beetle infestation. The self-proclaimed "enviromentalists" came out to protest. Where are all the big mouths now? I'd like to put my boot in their asses for all the trees THEY killed by their interference. I hope the BOG tells them to kiss off.


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