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Thread: figure eight lake

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    Cool figure eight lake

    Im going to figure 8 in the morning, anyone been out there, how thick is the ice, how about the trail, thanks

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    don't know about ice thickness, guessing around 30". Trails messy- use a snowmachine, no four wheelers- its too soft for a quad.

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    Default Well how did you do?

    My wife Kathy and I went to Trapper Lake yesterday and caught a couple of little ones, but we stopped by Houston Lodge and had them weighed for the Mat-Su Pike Derby just the same. They have prizes for biggest, littlest, ugliest, etc... Ice was about 24" thick and it was a beautiful 40 degree day. Trail was still in excellent condition from Susitna Landing.

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    we caught about 12. had quite a few missed flags also, most were hammer handles, one about 36 inches and very fat

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    so the trail is good all the way to figure 8?? i was wanting to go on saturday but was worried about enough snow from the point mackenzie parking lot by the little sue to take my sled. i need adequate snow cover to keep my sled cool. thanks vance


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