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    I'm headed up to the Dalton for some hunting & fishing with the other thousand hunters. Anyone know of any problems walking the river beds. If the caribou hunt is a blow out I'll try some fishing. The rivers that come to mind are the Sag & Ivishak. I might take my Zodiak.
    I know that walking the Turnagain Arm mud beds will probably be your last.
    I have hunted the Kenai flats for ducks. One moment your on fairly solid ground & the next step your up to your hip. Just curious, I would prefer not to drown in mud. Thanks for any help provided. Dave

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    Default Not that kind of mud

    There is no mud of the sorts you speak of. The river beds are rocky and tundra above them. There is wet swampy tundra in places but there are no mud flats per say.

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    Default yep, no mud at all.

    its all rocks, PD. Rocks and tundra.

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    Default mud

    Sorry for the late reply. I spent the last 4 days in the hosp. I was re-learning a lesson I already knew. "DIABETICS DON'T GORGE ON SWEETS" Thankfully it won't ruin my upcoming trip. Thanks for the replies Dave


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