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Thread: Soar 14 accessories?

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    Default Soar 14 accessories?

    Looking to buy a Soar 14 for floating and fishing around Fairbanks, Parks Hwy and others. This will be my first experience with an inflatable and rowing.
    What are some accessories I will absolutely need for this boat? (I'm getting the wishlist together as requested by the wife.) I know some of the basics, i.e. repair kit, life vests, but what do some of you take every time you get in the boat.

    Also, what length oars do I need for the rowing saddles?

    BTW, if any has a good used Soar 14 for sale, I would entertain buying a used boat rather than a new one.

    Ben Stacy

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    Cataract mini mags are a good fitting oar for the boat, 'bout 200$ new. Check out the seats L Bartlett sell with the Pro Pioneers also, pretty sweet setup. In order for these seats to work your boat will need the grommet strip, im not sure if they are on the S14. You can see the seats at

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    Thanks for the info. Those seats look like back savers to me. I will definetly invest in a couple of those.
    I would like to keep the initial investment as low as possible, however. I just looked at some Carlisle Economy oars at Sportsman's tonight. Would these be good enough as a beginners oar? Initially, I will be floating the Upper Chena for grayling with one other adult in the boat.
    Also, the S14 is only 40" wide. Do I need 6.5', 7', or 8' oars?
    Thanks again.

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    The deal with narrow boats and oars is going to be the dia of the shaft and length. Dont want too much weight outside the tube making it uncomfortable on longer trips. Im using 7' mini mags for a similar boat.

    You could just paddle down it and wait on the oar saddles and oars, much cheaper initial investment.

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    Default Oar Saddle availability?

    Quote Originally Posted by whitepalm View Post
    ...You could just paddle down it and wait on the oar saddles and oars, much cheaper initial investment.
    Just curious whether anyone knows for sure if Oar Saddles are going to be available this season or not? I have heard rumors that there have been difficulties nailing down a manufacturer of the product, but I don't know if this report is confirmed. The original Oar Saddle that Kent Rotchy put together was a great product, and I'd hate to see it go away.

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    Larry could answer that for you for sure. I hear he's the source for oar saddles now.


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