A message that was sent out by the owner of Top Glock today. His company has been in the news related to the NIU and VT campus shootings, so he's launched a new pro-gun website.


Fellow Firearms Enthusiast,

As you may have been aware, TGSCOM, Inc (the parent company of many websites including TopGlock.com, GlockWorld.com, TheGunSource.com, XDPistols.com) has been covered extensively by the national news media after completing a lawful sale of two 33 round Glock magazines and a holster to Stephen P. Kazmierczak, the madman who killed 5 innocent college students and himself at Northern Illinois University. I have reluctantly participated in this coverage so that the our voice and the voice of our fellow law abiding firearms owners would not be drowned out by the rhetoric of those who are intent on further restricting our 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

Here are some examples of coverage I have participated in:I have been speaking out about the need for college campuses, high schools and other public institutions to drop their "Gun Free Zones" and allow trained and licensed CCW holders to carry on their property. I have called for the last 2 states that do not allow concealed carry (Wisconsin and Illinois) to begin the process of legalizing the practice. I have also built a website, GunDebate.com, dedicated to the fair and open discussion of firearms in this country so that we may some day reach consensus on this dividing issue and never again have fight for a right that is so clearly granted us by the Constitution of the United States of America.

I will continue to participate in media coverage to make sure our views are heard loud and clear by the American people but I need your assistance. I have been quoted as saying, "The next news story I want to be involved in is how I sold a firearm to someone who helped prevent tragedy not cause it." This is where I need your help:

While I am hopeful that none of you has been presented with a situation where your firearm would need to leave its holster or safe, I realize that's not very realistic given the number of threats lurking in today's society. I would urge all of you that have been presented with this situation to tell me about it so that I, in turn, can tell the country about you, the brave man or woman that has recognized the need for an individual to do what is necessary to protect themselves, their families and society.

Please send your stories here: http://www.tgscom.com/EveryDayHeroes.aspx

Thank you for your time.

Eric Thompson
President and Owner, TGSCOM, Inc
1449 S. Broadway Street
Green Bay, WI 54303