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    Does anyone know where I can purchase a dog trailer for 4 - 6 dogs that can be pulled behind a truck? I am leaving to South Carolina in two months and have no way to transport them for that long of a trip! Any help would be greatly appreciated! I would prefer a dog trailer but any good trailer that I can build my own boxes on would work also. Thank you!

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    I too will "possibly" be relocating to Virginia. I am just waiting for final approval. I have a 14 hole dog trailer that will not be full when I go down. I am a professional retriever trainer taking up a new offer.

    I could be leaving next week or several weeks from now. Just depends when they give me the green light.

    Maybe we can work something out.

    The other option....... I would recommend is check "craigslist" for Alaska. You might find one there you can mount to a trailer. Search dog box, dog trailers, dog kennel and etc.

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    Just checked..... there is 2- 8 hole and one 4 hole on there.


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