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    i have a german horthaired pointer. does anyone know of where i could get some birds t otrain with here in alaska. thanks

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    Default Birds

    Google Midnight Sun Gundog and email Cody the Pres. He should have a lead on some pigons and ducks.


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    Default Ask and you shall receive (free)

    I am a huge bird hunter fan myself. Where I get birds (in OK not AK) are from free sources. In fact I was out all day yesterday with my Brittany tuning up the retrieve with free pigeons.

    I get them from sources like a dog food factory, gas stations, etc.... If you make a very simple bird trap and take out to places like what I mentioned above, they will usually let you put on their roof where the pigeons roost and you can have 20-30 in 24 hours. I got 10 from a friend who did it for me just yesterday morning.

    By the afternoon, I had dizzied/put-to-sleep the pigeons and was shooting them over my dog.

    Really, get a simple cage with one way door, put food in there and you got them (free).

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    If you are in the Mat-Su, you can call Gary at Falcon Ridge. He sells pheasants , quail and chukars.

    It is spendy though. I personally have homing pigeons if you want to get together some time.

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    Falcon Ridge's number is 907 376-6714. Their address is in Wasilla and advertise Point Mackenzie bird hunts. He has a lot of good information about dogs and bird hunting. Good luck. I used to have a german shorthair, he was a great dog.

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    I'm not sure what you are looking for but I have a weim & keep a pen with about a dozen quail in it yr round. While Gary at Falcon ridge will sell them to you ( cheaper if you belong to the Arctic bird dog club ) he doen't usually keep them over winter & in my experience the quail there are just to weak. I have found a source in CA who will ship them up 2 day express mail yr round when avail & if you order a box of 16- 20 they are about $5.50 a bird which is cheaper than falcon ridge.
    That said I don't use them much for shooting so I can keep them a lot longer, an occasional one will escape, get handled to rough, or not make it but 90% of them get reused & are very strong flyers.
    I would like to do the pigeon thing for shooting / retreival practice but I won't keep those around my yard. Way to much of a mess & they smell awful. Also I couldn't get the couple homers I tried to be strong flyers as the pen I have them wouldn't allow a lot of flying.


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