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Thread: I finally got to go riding!!

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    Default I finally got to go riding!!

    We decided to head out to Jim Creek last night. On the way in it all ice and water. The sport quad struggled through that while the 4x4 quad made it look easy. I was starting to regret getting a sport quad until we hit the sand dunes. There was almost no ice in them, or the trails behind them, so the Predator was right at home. That thing ripped as soon as it got on some terrain that wasn't icy and all regrets were quickly extinguished. I rode the 4x4 quad (a Polaris 700cc twin) and it definitely had it's perks. It was way more comfortable to sit on and rode way smother. However, it did not have the power that I want in a quad. Nice ride though and I appreciate him pulling me out....alot.
    We didn't cross Jim Creek. Looked way to deep to cross on quads, especially a sport quad. I was having such a good time that I forgot to take alot of pics. Here are the ones that I did take though.


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    Cool thanks for the pics!

    I hope my 700 had a good time out there(I have 2 just like that one). LOL!


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