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    Well, I have been doin ALOT of reading... seems halibut are real similar to our grouper and salmon are real similar to our kingfish here in florida so that gives me a good idea of where to start looking any way. Now I need some advice on where to look for a place to stay in Homer for the summer. I have checked the classifieds and done internet search after internet search, but there isnt much available from what I can see. If any one knows someone or you have a place yourself you will be renting out for the season please let me know. I dont need much but I would like to bring my dog with me if it can be worked out. Thanks in advance, Ed
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    Alaska is the most dog-friendly state I have ever been in, but you should be aware that brigging your four-legged friend might limit your opportunities. Be up front and ask.

    Best of luck and may the tail wag...

    P.S. Salmon are way better than kings in antics, and certainly are better in taste...


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