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Thread: Varminting AR15

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    Default Varminting AR15

    I have been thinking about going with the bushmaster varmint AR and was wondering if anyone had used them in extreme cold (-15* to -50*) and how they performed?

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    Default AR's

    There was some discussion of cold weather shooting here

    I'm sure there is more elsewhere on this site or

    However, I have found that dino-based lubes will freeze up the action at about -20. I have tried one synthetic that went to -30. I have another on order right now. Most likely no lube is best for low temp functionality. This is on the ar platform.

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    Default cold lube

    I'm new to this forum and have mostly been reading what others have been posting and staying quiet. I do have an Idea for you on this one though. I have been using the Remington Dry lube on my autos in the winter. I don't think it's the greatest stuff for warm weather use, But is better than going dry in the cold. I have used it on 3 or 4 different guns and they have not had any cold weather problems at all.

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    Keep them dry. Or use Armadillo from Novum Solutions.

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    I shoot a Mini-14. During the winter I keep it dry, no lube. Works fine so far, haven't shot it past -35 either.
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