Spring is approaching and we're all antsy to get on the water. I've been spooked at least a couple times by ice floes threatening to entrap my boat when running like this. The worst time I lost thrust briefly when I had run upriver in a clear channel, then turned downriver to discover my wake had floated a bunch of floes free and the slushy clogged my intake. As I drifted and bounced off a couple sheets of pretty innoculous looking ice and cleared my jet I started paying more attention to what happened to the sheets as they came up against some bridge piers and then against a total river blockage of ice jammed together and realized a guy could go for a hell of a ride in conditons like than, and a PFD doesn't do anything for you if you're getting tipped upside down by floes stuffing under each other and so on. Any tips or stories illustrating the hazard from the crowd here to help everyone know what to look for and to recognize the danger?

Thanks, Chris