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    Got to share this with you power boaters,
    Just spent a couple days aboard a Glacier Bay Catamaran 2685, 26 footer with twin Suzuki 150 four stroke outboards. I was hired to pilot the craft from the outlet of Lake Iliamna, down the Kvichak into Bristol Bay and up the Naknek River then back. Aboard besides myself were the owner/manufacturer and his son with two magazine writers (Boating World and Boat and Trailer, I think).

    Trip went well down river and once we got into the bay we had quartering west winds with 4-5 foot seas. In 3 foot seas we actually increased to about 4k rpm and road the tops. Once we turn into the wind with the channel we met 4-5 foot swell/waves and reduced to about 3400 rpm. Came around Libbyville point and was in the Naknek commercial fishing district that was open at the time and had to reduce speed to weave in and out of the drift gill net fleet as well as the running lines of the set netters. Only once did we take any water on and that was when we were turning around a buoy and got slapped with cresting wave flat to the starboard side. Got my arm wet as I had it hanging out the window.

    From a small round hulled boater, this vessel was pure pleasure to be aboard and to pilot. After getting used to the way the dual hulls acted when turning on step it was just fun to drive. I have spent many hours on the bay with a round hulled boat in different types of weather and found this boat to instill comfort in the ugliness of on shore winds. I was most surprised to take the quartering swells with out much listing or sway. If you wish to play in Alaskan off shore waters I believe this hull design and set up that Glacier Bay is putting out to be one that will give you more time on the water than any rounded hulled design.

    I have no affiliation with this boat manufacturer or the people on board except as a paid pilot to help them through unknown waters. If you wish to ask me more about my section of their trip you can email me at



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    I went on two of their models at the Seattle boat show, wow they are nice. I was suprised to hear theres a dealer in Anchorage, I don't know who it is though. I'm liking the cat design more and more. I see more of them every time I get on the water.

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    Buy your GB at Alaska Power Sports.


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