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Thread: Otter Craft or Munson

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    Default Otter Craft or Munson

    am thinking about getting a 21' landing craft. thought i'd post here to see if anyone has experience/preference/information on either otter craft or munson and their 21' landing crafts. am currently sending emails to the builders to see about pricing, options, etc.


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    Default They are both good builders...

    Just toured their factorys last month. Ottercraft has a quicker build time than Munson. Both offer great choices and quality workmanship.
    If you are serious, it is worth the trip down to tour both facilities, talk to the sales staff, show them what you want built and figure out the pricing from there.
    The Munson factory tour is worth the trip alone, as you will be able to see 6-10 boats in various stages of construction.

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    I was flown to Valdez to work on a Munson that was at sea, and was given an ear full on the vessels along with my experience working on it. I think I will leave it at that and we can PM each other if you want to hear more.


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