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Thread: Save the tarp from the wind, TONIGHT!

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    Default Save the tarp from the wind, TONIGHT!

    Are you losing your tarp in this incredible wind? Instead of taking it off (mine is 40x25) and fighting it tonight in this wind, I looped my garden hose around the whole thing. I left the nozzle on the one end and hooked my bag of shrimp pot weights on it. Garden hose has some weight to it so its keeping the tarp from flapping so forcefully. If if all goes up in the "hurricane" the hose is rubber and should be safe against the boat. I have a board on top of the dingy on top of the roof rack with a saw horse on top of that and a ten ft board extending the length of the saw horse. The tarp draps over it all and forms a nice step pitch for snow to slide off, and I can work under it all except were it bungies tight to the hull.

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    Default Wind

    Exactly the reason that I paid the $200.00 to have my boat shrink wrapped!!
    On a side note one of the guys in my office made the comment that "When they have winds like this in the Lower 48 they name them"!

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    Not me. I left it unwrapped this winter. Good thing the wind last night would of taken the tap and my boat with it. How ever I did loose a trash can
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