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Thread: Anyone recommend a prop on the copper?

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    Default Anyone recommend a prop on the copper?

    Anyone recommend some boundary's on running a prop out of chitina? If at all, like up down the copper and up the chitina?

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    I see props down below the canyon dipnetting regularly, although not alot of them. A friend of mine runs an 18' lund with a 25 hp prop on the copper. If you are not familiar with running rivers I don't think it would be a good idea to start out running an ufamilliar river with a prop. .02$ worth
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    Last year I watched a guy unload at the bridge with a 22 aluminum boat with twin 90 outboard props. I seen him later on down past the canyon catchng fish with no problem. I was behind him comeing back up the canyon and he never once slowed down.

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    Default Copper

    The copper is *DEEP* in it's channels. If you know how to read a river, you should have no problems. By comparison, most natives/old timers run a prop in the Tanana. More efficient running from village to village.

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    The channels are deep in Chitna but I would be more worried about launching/loading the boat as well as approaching the shoreline to tie up, I dont believe there is a maintained boat launch and with the current running 10+ Knts there is a good chance of rock-prop contact.

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    I have only run the copper below the bridge twice for dipnetting. We were using a 22' inboard jet. Much like the Tanana, the water level plays a big role in how easy/hard the river is to read and run. The first year we took the boat, the water was lower and there were exposed bars. The channel was more defined and it was an easy run down to the canyon. Last year the water was high when we went and those bars were covered. That is a big expanse of water to negotiate and it was not obvious where the channel was when you have a confluence of rivers and currents and a lot of wind acting on the surface of the water. We made it down and back without problems but I was not at ease. Also, as was stated, the launch closest to the parking area was very shallow and we did suck up some gravel there before we were able to get out. If you go, try to park up on the bridge and watch a few boats take off from the launch....that will help give you an idea of the course you want to take. Definately not water to take lightly.

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    ok let's try taking the canyon out of it... lol I think that is more than deep enough. anyone else ventured beyond that on a prop?

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    I have not run a prop on the Copper but I have used a small jon boat with jet. I saw many props on the river all the way from the canyon to above the bridge. Even the guide service that drifted the same section as use used dual props. You'd probably have to launch below the bridge and pick your channel carefully. Carrying a couple spare props would probably be wise. I even saw someone pull up to the launch with some kind of aluminum deep vee dual outboard boat. I don't remember the mfg, but it looked more suited for the ocean than a river. It was tough to miss, those shiny new ss props looked awful purdy.

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    Default Spare prop

    Well I carry spare props but they are only in the form of just the blades, can even have diff pitchs. These sure saved me a bunch of money.


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