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Thread: couple questions about the deshka

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    Default couple questions about the deshka

    seems like i read something awhile back about there wont be a weir on the deshka this year..
    i called one of my friends in ancorhage, and he thought that they would use it to count kings but not silvers.. anybody know for sure whats up???? i would sure miss checking the counts everyday for a couple weeks before coming up...

    also with alexander creek being closed to king fishing,, does anybody think that will put alot of extra presure on the deshka??
    thanks ,,,slimm

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    Default back in place

    The weir's going to stay. Where the money comes from hasn't been determined yet, but its not going away. Stock of concern on Susitna reds pretty much made that stick. Funny that about the Alexander: Valley sportfishermen lose yet another fishery, and in the next breath Northern district setnetters get an extra week to fish kings.


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