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Thread: Make your own Footprint

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    Question Make your own Footprint

    A tent footprint is a great idea, but most seem to add 10-16oz to your pack. Not to mention they are in the $40-$50 range...

    Has anyone had good luck making their own? If so what material did you use and what recomendations might you have?

    I would have to think that for $50 I ought to be able to make quite a few of my own, and maybe even save a few ounces out of the deal.....

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    Default Cheap Footprint

    For less than $5 buy a 8'X10' blue tarp and fold it to match the bottom of your tent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AKHUNTINFOOL View Post
    For less than $5 buy a 8'X10' blue tarp and fold it to match the bottom of your tent.
    You have to be pretty precise or rain can puddle. My tent is not a square so I would need to cut it.

    I am looking for what type of material others have used and how they "finished" it.

    My thoughs are to just grab some clear plastic, outline tent, trace, cut 2" Wider then tent fold over, use iron to "weld", and install a few gromments in my 2" section... Was curious if some plastics worked better than others and if there were better methods of "welding" out there.

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    Default tivek

    Works like a champ, cut to just under tent size. It is slippery though.

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    Tyvek House Wrap is great for a tent footprint. If you don't need much you can usually get some from a home builder when they are wrapping a house. I have given it away to people before for that exact purpose and my son and I use it for our footprints too.

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    Default Plastic Drop Cloth

    I partially agree with 1911, in that plastic sheeting works well. Available at any hardware store (Lowes, HD, etc.) typically in the painting isle as drop cloths. Depending on how lightweight you want to go, that would determine the thickness, but anything .2mm - .5mm would be fine. I have never welded or added grommets, just cut to fit and go with that. I choose the black over the clear as it is easier to dry in the sun when breaking camp.

    Cheap, light, easy, plus is it nice to have a sheet a plastic around camp (never know when it may come in handy).



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