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Thread: ? on hanging moose rack

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    Default ? on hanging moose rack

    I moved into a new home, it has a rock fireplace, with concrete in between the rock (looks like hope rock) you know the stuff from the beaches there in Hope. I have a moose rack mounted on one of the Vandykes kits. Does anyone have any ideas of how to get this to lay flat, and of how to connect it safely to the fireplace. I'm thinking that the concrete/rock combo is about 2-4 inches thick, and I don't know where the studs are behind the wall. If anyone has done this before and can help I'd appreciate any input, I'd hate to screw up my fireplace and have my wife tell me, "I told you so".

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    Default Just thinking out loud...

    Can you drill a hole (or 2 or 3) into a rock with a concrete bit and set a lead bolt anchor? If this is a functional chimney, there shouldn't be any studs behind the wall. You might need to fab some spacers to put behind the wood panel to make it "flat" to the contour of the rocks.
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