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Thread: MB650 and the kitty

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    I was going to check my sets yesterday, but it was brutal with the wind so opted for today. I did a little scouting for next year and then swung in on my first cat set. As I approached, I saw two moose standing near the set. These were the first ones I had seen all year (thank God they know how to run when they see a snowmachine). As I approach, I can see what they were looking at. I had caught another lynx. The MB 650 had done a nice job. I dispatched it and then turned it over. It is my first TOM. I was really happy. It seems pretty big, but I'm not sure. We tried to weigh it, but it read 21 pounds. I think it's heavier than that, but not sure (the scale doesn't lie). He had fat on his belly and looks to be in good shape. I didn't have the camera (ticks me off cause it was caught perfect). Here are a couple of pics when I got home.

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    Nice looking lynx kusko!

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    Nice kitty. I hope you get many more. I purchased some MB 650's and some MB 550's to use next year. They look like a very well built trap, and I can hardly wait to use them. Good luck in the rest of the season.

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    Nice cat. What unit are you in?

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    Thanks guys.

    Those 650's are a nice trap. I love the nightlatch on them.

    I'm in Unit 18.


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