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Thread: Moose Hunting with no wheeler

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    Default Moose Hunting with no wheeler

    I finally got back up to anchorage and now im planning my moose hunt. i believe that i will be hunting point mackenzie. It is one of the few places i have heard of that i can hunt with out beating up my truck too much. i was looking into knik since i have taken a black bear and have previously huntd that but do not want the glacier silt on/in y truck.

    are there any things i should know for this area or are there any better places not too much longer than 2 hours away. i go to school and work full time so i only have friday after 5 to sunday to hunt. i am loading up my rounds now and am just looking for some info on the area.. thanks

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    Lots of people hunt Point Mackenzie. However, a good majority of them don't get out of their vehicles, I believe. There's also a lot of moose out there, and some black bears. I don't live far from Point Mack, so I've been out there quite a bit this year already. Already spotted a few legal bulls out that way.

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    Default point mac

    Only thought I'd have for you is that visible land marks are few in that area. If you venture far on foot pay attention to your compass and/or GPS. Otherwise you could be making a cell phone call... "Well, I can see a big swampy area... it is surrounded by spruce trees... and a can hear a small plane flying overhead. Think you can find me?" Those who have been in the area know that describes pretty much everywhere out there.

    There are a couple radio towers that can often be used as reference points, but not much beyond that. Best of luck with the swamp donkey hunt.



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