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Thread: bow hunting for moose on FT Wainwright

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    Default bow hunting for moose on FT Wainwright

    Anyone ever hunted on Ft. Wainwright? Just interested if anyone has shot any bulls.

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    Default YEP

    I shot a 30" bull on post this year.

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    Default YA

    what part of ft wainwright are you looking to hunt? I shot a 48" in 2005

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    If'n you don't know, you need to pull a draw tag to hunt moose on post and on Elmendorf. I hunted with a buddy last year on Elmendorf and he shot a 47"er on the last day, lotsa moose out there for sure.

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    Default yep

    Neighbor shot a 47" in '05, and I shot a 37" in '06. there aint no drawing. Be legal and register with resource management on base.

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    Default moose hunting on main post

    I know that there is no drawing on post. All you need is a hunters ed certificate, hunting lisc., and the appropriate locking tag. I haven't been moose hunting with a bow up here yet so I wanted to see where people have had luck on the Main post.

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    We've hunted base for a number of years now. We've seen a few shot now by other people. Though I'm a bit suprised at the size and number of bigger bulls considering. I've shot a 32"er on base and a buddy of mine has killed two over the years. Mind you we spent every waking day on base to do it! Where to hunt? I know lots of places to be. Some years they seemed to be on the western part and some times the eastern. Also noticed they seemed to move a bit, or maybe cycle through an area if you will. FWA main post is small enough finding a place to hunt isnt hard, assuming you are doing the main base side and not the yukon training area behind eielson afb. .

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    Default Wainright/Richardson

    I think some of you are getting Wainright and Richardson mixed up. Wainright is not a draw hunt, but Fort Rich is.

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    Yes, you are correct, I was confused and thanks for catching it!


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