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    I'm looking for a new place to hunt. Been thinking about 15a down on the sterling highway area. I know the news has been running articles about declining moose populations, but every time I go down in that area, I see tons of moose. Any ideas, comments, info on decent places down there to take my sons for a fun, but productive moose hunt??

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    From my experience with the area I would say you can have lots of fun their with the kids.
    Productive???? Anything is possible. I hunt it only during the early bow season when there are no crowds. I can't say it's been productive, although I'm sure a bull or two gets pulled out of there.
    Personally in all my trips thru I've never seen a bull in there from the highway. It also ternds to get a bit crowded.
    Maybe try Mystery Creek Road on weekdays.
    Vance in AK.

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    Thanks Vance, I appreciate the info..


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