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Thread: PWS Blacktail Hunting In October

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    Default PWS Blacktail Hunting In October

    Alright, need some more information from those that have hunted in PWS during the middle to third week in October.

    This is the only time I have available to hunt blacktail this fall.

    Please post any information you would deem helpful. Can we expect to see much, what's the best methods, any bays or best places to anchorage.

    I plan on departing form Whittier on or around October 17 and hunt for about 7 days or so.

    What islands can be the most productive? Anything you can post as far as details would be great.

    Thanks a lot!!!
    Marc Theiler

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    It all depends on if there is any snow during the time of your hunt and how bad the winter kill was the winter before.. Sorry so vauge, but these are the two biggest factors I have learned about the PWS deer.

    I went this past nov and there was no snow. The deer where all over the moutain. Also the winter before was pretty hard on them.
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    Like Alaska Grey said it all depends on the weather. It was pretty slim pickens out there this year at that time. I would recommend getting a cruising guide to PWS and this will give a ton of knowledge about where to anchor up at. If there isn't a lot of snow you're gonna have to climb high on the mountain.

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    Default PWS Coast Pilot

    Do you recommend just picking a copy of the PWS Coast Pilot type of copy. I remember picking up and almost buying it. I had planned to buy one here soon.

    What are some of the better islands to look over out of Whittier?
    Marc Theiler


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