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Thread: Porcupine River?

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    Question Porcupine River?

    I was just checking to see if anyone has Ran the Porcupine River in a jet boat. I am planning on Driving to Circle and putting in on the Yukon there and heading up to Fort Yukon where the Porcupine Branches off and running up there do some hunting this year. Is this plausible or even probable. I have heard great things about the Procupine and was wondering if this route has been taken by anyone out there who would be willing to share some inside info on water depth? Rapids? Canyon? Any game?(Don't have to share if you don't want to) Can I buy gas in Fort Yukon? Past Experiences? Just Checking to see?

    Thanks for any Help.

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    I have done the trip a few times up as far as the border. (Last time was several years ago)

    Yukon from Circle to Ft Yukon can be challenging as it is very braided. If you manage to stay in the main channel it is no problem - Lots of water.

    The Porcupine is a relatively easy river to run and pretty straight forward.

    The moose populations were very depressed the years we were there and if you see a bull don't miss the chance to take him because you may not see another. Be prepared to do a lot of walking and packing if you want a chance of being successful.

    Once you are above the flats you have sheer rock cliffs on both sides of the river and the access to moose hunting is almost non existent. No rapids but above the flats there were some huge rocks in unusual places.

    Gas was available in Fort Yukon but not on the rivers edge. It involved getting a rde into town - It's been a while since I have been that direction so it may have changed.

    A few visual aides for clarity - PM me if you have any specific questions

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    Ft. Yukon gas prices in the past 1/2yr. or so has gone up to $5.25 a gal.-make certain you have a good funnel not only for crud but for also water in the fuel. From Circle to the Fort and in a jet and if you know the channels you can make good time if not......stick to the main channel. Some pretty large bends in the Yukon.

    So true about any river hunting, kind of like road side hunting-have to be ready and alert. A bum perspective but you get my meaning. I hunt using a boat and it is a good thing to check for sign and/or do some calling for Moose. Some stops may require a night stop to do some listening and calling-again be ready.

    If you knew any of the residences at the Fort they "might" point out some favorable input. One other point of interest is to do download "GOOGLE EARTH" and study the river and terrain ie lakes, sloughs etc....mark them waypoints in your GPS.

    have fun,

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    Default Porcupine

    Hi, my partner and I have been up the "porky' twice. The river is plenty big and deep enough. We went in a 19' jetstream with a 3 stage Hamilton. We carried all our gas and didn't buy any although you can get it in Fort Yukon I hear. Be very carefull and strain your gas. It is going to be expensive! The locals were not to friendly so we stayed clear and found out of the way campsites. If you can, get your maps out and visit the Sheenjek and Chandalar rivers. They are awesome and really great fishing. Make sure you have a copilot reading your topos as you travel. The Yukon is VERY wide as you head downstream from Circle. You will need to locate the Yukon backslough to get into the areas for the Chandalar River. It is beautiful country and although we didn't big game hunt plenty of others did and some had moose and some caribou. Hope I can return again some day! Bill


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