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    Default sponsons/floatation pods

    What are your experiences with sponson/floatation pods? How are the hole shots, cornering, cavitaion in corners, fuel consumption, etc? I am looking to get some for my boat (2060 Seaark) and wondering what the pros and cons are. Thanks for the info.

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    I put a pair of flotation pods on my seaark 1652 jet tunnel. They make a huge difference in the way the boat sits in the water. The stern used to float low and now it doesn't. As far as getting up on step it does eliminate bow rise which is great, but if you are running with weight in the bow or another person in the bow you won't have bow rise either. The only con for me has been I can't mount my kicker on the stern anymore.

    Improves holeshot, doesn't affect cavitation or cavitation in turns, doesn't affect fueleconomy.


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    Default sponsons

    I operated a charter vessel which had sponsons added to meet stability requirements for CG inspection. They made the boat very stable in some conditions, but would would occaisionally dig and turn the boat (dangerously, at high speed) in a moderate following or quartering sea. The boat also became very unpredictable in a big following sea. We eventually cut the sponsons off and used the boat as an uninspected vessel (six pack). The boat ran fine without the sponsons, it just wouldn't meet CG stability requirements for 14. In this case, I think sponsons were a bad attempt to fix a vessel which was poorly designed for it's purpose. I would be sure to carefully consider any changes.

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    thanks for the info

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    We have a 16' Alumacraft Xpress jonboat with a 25 4 stroke Yamaha and the boat has sponsons (we bought the boat used and it already had them); not sure what it was like before them, but drifting stern to the boat wakes in the Kenai for kings, we always take wakes over the transom (it's a shortshaft motor). I can only guess that it would be much worse without them.

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    what are sponsons?

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    Default sponsons

    Quote Originally Posted by woundedknee View Post
    what are sponsons?
    Here is one version.

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    Default Greatland Welding & Machine

    I've got an 18' G3 riverboat that needed the same help that you're asking about. I had Gary out at Greatland Welding & Machine make what could best be described as "trim tabs". They are not sponsons in the true sense of the word, but they work great. Hole shot is much better, on step much quick and no issues with turning or cavitation. My only issue has been when the boat has been beached, they can dig into the sand as you push out. It's a minor problem that you just need to be aware of.

    PM me if you have questions and I can give you the details.



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