I am giving an opportunity to pick up a small 4stroke that has been used perhaps 10hrs., maybe 6yrs. old. Overall in good shape. I have not seen it yet nor asked much about it but agreed to take a looksee.

I use a 30hp. Johnson short shaft 2cyl./1 carb. mounted on my lifter of my own construction and welding. It has pushed my AluminaWeld?(Boatshop) 24ft x 48" flat bottom w/2' tunnel. It serves me very well indeed, taking shallow water liken to a jet but much slower, to my advantage.

I have taken mine over many beaver dams up creeks, shallow sloughs and different rivers where I live that provides ample water for my waterpump in ventures for many various reasons. Been able to haul all my wifes wants in the boat for her luxuries and still motor some 60 mi. upriver with a moose.

The lower unit of the Johnson is stout and wonder how the little 25 Honda will overcome such an honorable feat the Johnson has pulled off? Surely better fuel mileage,quieter but heavier.

What is your fellas take on this?