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Thread: First Time AK Fishing in Denali Park!

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    Default First Time AK Fishing in Denali Park!

    We are planning on doing some fishing in and maybe around Denali Park area, wondering what kind of fish to expexct in Aug/Sept.

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    Default Got a Car?

    I work in the park and am an avid fisherman and unless i've been missing out there isn't a lot of fish to be had in the park proper. Some of the creeks have grayling but you will have to put some time in to get them. However if you have a car there will be great fishing for resident fish and salmon less than two hours away. Any creek that crosses the parks highway south of the park will have some fish in it you may just have to walk a little bit. You are coming at a great time for that area there just really isn't much in the park itself as it is cutoff from most of the main salmon tributaries. Hope this helps and while your in the park be sure to utilize the trail system, you might see me!

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    Thx for the tip! My Brothers plan on spending alot of time in the park, They want to hike through it in the summer. I just want to kayak and fish (for now) and will hopefully be visiting in the early fall like I said. I am hoping to catch Trout mostly, I havent had FRESH salmon but, I haven't liked the Salmon I've eaten down here in PA, too strong fish taste for me...

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    Default Fishing Options

    As put by ARM0_AK slims pickens.

    You will need a Car to effectively fish the areas out-side the park. There is a Late Silver Run on the Nenana during mid Sept and the fishing is somewhat slow and not worth eating if that is your intent.

    Most of the Sloughs / Creeks off the Nenana River above Healy have Grayling and believe it our not some Dolly fishing as well (Note the word Some). Working your way to Anderson / Nenana with a little walking you can fish Bear Creek and a couple of more small creeks to the Nenana River.

    If your heading south 20 or so miles yo can take the Denali Hwgy into some decent fishing however most rental agencies do not allow their rentals down the road. Purchase an Alaskan Gazette Map they sell them on this Web Site it's a good tool to help you make choices and provide you some fishing options.

    As stated by AMRO_AK the Parks Hwgy Systems starting at the Middle Fork of the Chulitna heading towards the East Fork of the Chulitna all the way to Troublesome Creek offer Salmon and Rainbow Trout fishing all have healthy Bear populations and now most if not all have a Sockeye Salmon restriction on them. Mid August through the first part of Sept can be excellent fishing. Most of the rivers / creeks are boulder loaded with swift currents and can be some what slippery. Expect to find Chum, some Sockeye, Silvers and left over Pinks mixed in. Also expect to spend several hours driving to and from your river of choice.

    Hope the data helps and best wishes on your adventure.

    Blue Moose

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    If you travel to wonder lake in the park there is a population of lake trout in there.
    It ain't about the # of pounds of meat we bring back, nor about how much we spent to go do it. Its about seeing what no one else sees.

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    Thx Blue Moose, sounds very useful indeed... I have heard alot of good things about the 'Chulitna"; I am wondering how long of a drive the river is from Denali. I would probably be at the South East end of the Park. I enjoy fast water fishing in rivers...would it be too fast to Kayak/canoe while fishing?

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    The Chulitna can be done in a kayak or raft, good fishing at most of the freshwater creeks that come into the glacier river. If you start at the East Fork campground, you'll have clear water for roughly 15 miles, until the confluence with the Ohio R. Kings, silvers and some reds, trout, grayling, always, timing. Good put locations around mile 185. Like Armo AK said, there are a ton of fishing opportunities along the Parks Hwy. Even with the RVs on the highway, it takes no more than 1 1/2 hours to drive from Willow Creek to Byers Creek, you should have no problem finding a fish between there!

    Good luck! - Alaskan Wilderness Fishing & Rafting


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