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Thread: DS132 Peters Creek or Pioneer Peak

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    Default DS132 Peters Creek or Pioneer Peak

    I am a new member and was fortunate enough to win the DS132 tag for this fall. I plan to do a lot of scouting this summer especially in the headwaters of Peters Creek. Looks like some rough country in there with lots of inaccessible places a big ram would hang out.

    I prefer to take the route over Bombardment Pass from the Eagle River valley. Does anyone know if there is a public accessible trailhead off of Prudhoe Bay Road? I do not want to trespass and am willing to contact local landowners to request access if crossing private land is required.

    I will also scout out Pioneer Peak ridge. I am very excited about this opportunity and have already began climbing the hills near my house. Looks like you all have a great forum here, and I have learned a lot already by reading the different threads!

    Thanks in advance for any information you care to share.

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    It is possible to access the headwaters of Peters Creek from Prudhoe Bay Road but would require local landowner permission. If I recall correctly that land owner is a member of this forum so hopefully he will make contact with you regarding crossing his property.


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