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    I have a Sea Runner that has been sitting out in the back without being run for 2 years now. It still has 20-30 gallons of fuel in the tank. Should I drain the tank ad start with fresh fuel (probably the best idea) or is there a fuel conditioner I could add to it and use that fuel. I know I should have added some BEFORE I let it sit, but at the cost of gas these days I hate to waste it. What can you tell me? By the way this is a Yammaha 40 hp 2 cycle outboard if it matters...
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    It should be fine. I would put a bottle or two of heat in the tank to tackle any condensation in the tank and top it off with fresh fuel.

    I wouldn't go to "no man's land" with it until you run her out alittle and put some fresh fuel and change your fuel/water seperator filter.

    I have had a polydrum that had fuel in it that was 2 years old and I didn't have any problems with it.

    How does the Gov't/fuel manufactors store fuel for long periods? It just sits there in tanks from what I know. Should be no different.

    But then again, your more comfortable with your boat than I am. When in doubt go with your gut.
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    If it was me I would probably siphon it out and run it in my truck. It does not seem to be picky aboout fuel quality. That is what I do at the end of the season. Siphon all I can out of the boat and use it in my vehicles. That way I start fresh each season.

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    Just take it out and use it for something else that is not near as picky as your two cycle boat motor or in something that when the engine dies doesn't float down river LOL. It is not worth it to save a little cash and cost you alot more in the long run. Your pickup is a good option but add some heat to it first. Hope this helps. In all my small engine equipment I never run old fuel, that is just my standard other people might feal different.

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    Default old gas

    I personally wouldn't use it. I agree that putting it in a car or truck is the best bet, why risk it. I think the larger issue is what happened to the gas left in your carb/injection system. Gasoline tends to gel in jets, float bowls, injectors and anywhere else it sits for long periods. I would definitely replace the fuel and add some sort of fuel system cleaner to the tank. Then I would run it for an hour or two before I went out anywhere very far. That's my two cents, speaking from experience.


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