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Thread: Photos of "trophy animals" being used on more than one guides' website

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    Default Photos of "trophy animals" being used on more than one guides' website

    As most avid hunters are doing as the winter drags along, I have been checking out quite a few guiding websites to look thru their photo albums of successful hunts. It appears as if a few sites have the same photos posted of some "trophy-class animals"--from my recollection this occurred with brown bear and Dall sheep photos.
    Now of course this could be based on some agreement between 2 guides or one outfit transported while another guided, etc., or an assistant guide now has his own website and is using photos when he was guiding for another outfit, etc.

    But I was wondering if anybody has had problems with their wildlife photos(especially of harvested animals) being used without their permission.

    Would be interesting to hear from some of the guides that regularly frequent this forum--has this happened to you? Have you ever had to write or call somebody with a cease and desist order, etc.? Do you copyright all your photos? Do you have to get a release from your clients to post photos/use them in advertisements of their animals?

    Seems to me to maybe bring in an ethical issue as well--sort of like a truth in advertisement issue if a guide is posting animals that weren't actually harvested by his outfit.

    BTW--I cannot remember which websites specifically this occurred on but I think I could find them again if anybody wanted to know...either way, interested to hear what others think on this topic...

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    Personally, I don't evaluate a guide based on the photos on their website or in a brochure. Images for use in marketing one's services can come from a variety of sources. Most websites that I see or build use images to get attention, not represent a pictorial history.

    Everything I publish is "copywritten" implicitly. If I find a bunch of my stuff on someone else's site, I'll sure send them a note to let them know that I know. With Google image search sometimes it's hard to know where your designer pulls comp images from. Technically, if someone's "likeness" is displayed publicly, you're supposed to have a release from the person. Most clients don't mind anyway, and if it's ever an issue I'd have a clause in my transport, guide or charter contracts to cover photographic use.

    With all the information we can get about a guide from the State and referrals from past clients (and this forum) I don't really see that it's much of a problem. Just my opinion...

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    Default Better than that

    I had a buddy tell me that I was in the latest issue of a popular hunting mag. I bought one and sure enough, there I was. It was the story of my 78" bull moose complete with pictures, all mine. I had written the story of our Alaskan Peninsula hunt and sent it to family, the outfitter and friends.

    I had given the outfitter permission to use the material and he did. (I thought he might tell me though)
    I had no issue with him. Actually, the only reason he dropped me in that valley was the hunter on the way in had forgotten game bags. Mike McCrary of Alaska Bush Sports wouldn't be a part of not having meat cared for. He left the guy standiing on a sand blow while he took us "prepared" hunters on in. I bet he never forgets game bags again.

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    On my contract .... I have a hunter give me permission or not to use his photos .....

    Usually some are on my camera and some are on the hunters camera and most hunters now-a-days send me a disk of what they have and I send a disk to them if they request it.

    I do believe it is aginst the Guide law to false advertise ... like using some other guides photos and representing them as yours.

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    Default Another reason-

    I have had my photos stolen before, and passed off as the other guy's stuff. It was at a seminar at the Great Alaska Sportsman Show three or four years ago. This came at the tail end of a rash of problems we'd had with this individual over three shows. It was the straw that broke the camel's back, and the guy was permanently booted from the seminar roster.

    On the other hand, I occasionally guide for another guide service, and we frequently swap photos, but only of hunts that I guided for him. This is a common occurrence; nothing unethical about it, as we were both involved in the hunt.

    I agree with Johnnie though. If you are using someone's photo, you should have their permission. And if you are using it in a book, you should attribute the photo to the owner. The protocols on the Internet and in advertising appear to be different.

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