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    Default Fishing choices...

    Every year I mean to get into some other activities/fishing besides just focusing on the reds, but when they're in the Kenai, all that other stuff goes to the wayside!
    Here's what I'd like to do and please offer any other stuff you guys can think of (we're 3 guys who yearly fish mid-July to early August from our place in Sterling-home base):

    1. Interested in doing a raft/float/fishing trip from Kenai Lake down to wherever they take out. Never been in a raft before and haven't seen that area of the river except from the highway. Is there good king/red fishing in that stretch? Also who would you recommend?

    2. We have a 16' Alumacraft jonboat w/25hp Yamaha prop (4 stroke I might add!) and want to try some other areas to fish, not afraid to trailer. Thought about Hidden lake but any other places to fish that's boat accessible, even away from the Kenai Peninsula would be possible. I've entertained fishing for silvers in Seward (close to the harbor, shore line to Miller's; mentioned that in another thread), but can you do the same stuff in Homer with a little boat? Rockfish, small halibut possibly? I don't want to risk our lives, and the general consensus is that small flat bottomed boats are not good for the salt, so don't hold back!

    3. We also do a yearly trip out to Alexander for pike so we're not against flying into somewhere, but economics prohibit spending like a lawyer's wife.

    4. We fish the Kenai hard for reds & kings as I really like the Kenai (boats and all) and am getting a little more comfy with being on the river amongst the boat traffic; still way, way amateurish when it comes to king fishing; never fished from Soldotna to Sterling; is it worth it and can you find decent cut banks or the like to fish reds? Last year we spent a few days running up from Bing's and fishing the banks for reds, had a blast and you can't beat the scenery!


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    The Kenai might be a little ambitious for a first time float/rafting trip. I would sudgest the little su or the deska. Good luck and hopefuly someone else will answer the rest of your questions.
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    The Upper Kenai from Kenai Lake to Jim's Landing is mellow and totally feasible for a novice rafter. Just make sure you take out at the landing and don't go through the canyon. Though not truly rough, it would be interesting to say the least!

    There is no legal king fishing up there, though. Great red fishing, and even better rainbow fishing (though it's catch and release). Beautiful and peaceful - a totally different experience than the lower Kenai.

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    Default Kenai rafting...

    Guys, I may have mis-led my question; I'm interested in a guided rafting/fishing trip, not doing it on our own. Do you guys know anybody who does that you'd recommend?
    Is it common to fish and go thru the canyon? Sounds like the takeout is ahead of the canyon? I'd be into a little adventure!

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    Trips in the upper are usually Kenai Lake to Jims Landing, Sportsmans to Jims Landing or Jims Landing to Skilak Lake (Canyon)
    Middle river drifts are usually Skilak Lake to Bings Landing.
    You can't go wrong with any of these trips, just listen to the advise of your guide they will know what area is producing best at the time you're coming.

    Get in touch with Alaska Troutfitters in Cooper Landing.

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    Big Jim you said you've been fishing for Reds and Kings but what about the Trout fishing? There is some excellent trout fishing from Skilak down to Bing's and you can also fish up and down river from the Moose with your boat.

    I would also recommend Troutfitters in Cooper Landing as they are good people.

    You can take your boat to Hidden Lake and troll for Lake Trout, make sure to watch the weather as the wind can get pretty nasty there at times.

    The same goes for Seward, when the Silvers are in you can just troll along the shoreline right in front of town. Just watch the weather.

    Maybe I'll see you at the boat launch as I live in Sterling.

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    D-Ray is a great guide on the middle Kenai. Here is the link to his site.

    Dan specializes in rainbows but I am sure would work with you if you wanted to target reds.

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    Default Advice taken...

    Thanks guys! RD, we usually fish reds in the Sterling area when they get there, or trailer to the Pillars and hit the cut bank above Big Eddy (we can switch to drifting for kings too in the same area to do something different). Last July we put in a Bings and ran upstream to some cut banks and fished reds a couple of days; pretty up there (but still people). You mentioned catching rainbows from the boat, I did that once about 10 yrs ago but can't remember how we did it. I think we drifted sideways to the current and used ligher spinning rods with some kind of black fly with a piece of shrimp on it, bouncing in on the bottom as we drifted down river. Can't recall how we got it down, split shot maybe???
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