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Thread: Remington M700 Alaskan Ti

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    Default Remington M700 Alaskan Ti

    Does any body have experience with them?
    How is their out of the box accuracy with factory ammo?
    Have you known of any problems that are inherent to this rifle?
    Caliber that I am looking at is 30-06 if that makes a difference.

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    I bought one of these Remington M700 Alaskan Ti in 25-06. I hate to admit it because this was a fairly expensive rifle ($1700) but, it is already being reborn in 280 Ackley. I actually intended on ultimately using this rifle as a basis for a custom build, and bought the rifle primarily for the Lightweight action.

    I know you are interested in a 30-06 and if you are seeking light weight these are a pretty good way to get there. I have owned a few of the older Remington 700 TIs, now those were a good 12ounces lighter than these new versions. The Alaskan TI has the same action as the older version, titanium (tends to be somewhat sticky, actions are not real smooth), TIs use a light varmint contour barrel the older version used a No.1. I preferred the heavier barrel on the AK TI. As far as I am concerned the new Remington trigger is still terrible, and needs to be replaced or at least adjusted ASAP. I know a lot of gunsmiths prefer the older triggers for working on. The new B&C stock is serviceable, kind of liked the soft touch rubbery feel. Barrel channel still has pressure pad needs to be free floated. The fit and finish left a lot to be desired, barrel channel, bottom metal, tang, etc. sloppy workmanship. The worst part was that the accuracy, in my Alaskan TI 25-06 was never up to my expectations. Can't comment on factory fodder as I never fed it any. I worked up a lot of loads and never got it shooting <1MOA consistently. So off to the smith it went for a complete work over as a custom build. By the time its all done I'll have close to $3 K into it. It will be a shooter then. Could of bought a NULA for that much. My advice is if you can find one get the older version of the 700TI.

    I have been a Remington fan for many years and owe my life to Remington long guns both 700s and 870s. Remingtons earned my trust and seen me through some real bad situations. Now, I am put off by Remington. The quality of workmanship has definitely declined in the last few years. I hate to see what America' oldest firearm manufacturer has become. YMMV. Timber out.




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