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Thread: Anyone with 225 4 stroke Yamaha's

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    Default Anyone with 225 4 stroke Yamaha's

    The water coming from the circulation test hole (or whatever you call it) is very weak when flushing with the ears on and bungys to hold it tight,in the ocean it's better but still not that good, I had a Yamaha 50 4 stroke that would cut a hole in the ground.I have twins, got them with 325 hours, now have 460 hours,been this way from the first day, both are the same. Anyone out there with the same motors? I'm having the 500 hour check up done this spring, ($1000 with new water pumps) and would like to know if I need them.

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    Default Salt Away

    Good morning ACB Man.

    I had a similiar problem last year on my outboards. In my case changing out impellers in the lower unit did not help much. The problem resolved when:
    1. Cleared out the tell tail (a.k.a. "pee hole") by blowing it out with compressed air.
    2. I started to use Salt Away ( ) to rinse out my outboards after each use.

    Apparently salt crystal had formed and was obscuring the output.

    You might want to visit the following web site and pose the same quesiton.

    I hope this helps.



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    I have a f 225 with about 600 hrs. That is normal. I replaced the water pump at about 400, and the new one is the same.


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