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Thread: Bull-Pac pack frames

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    Default Bull-Pac pack frames

    I am in the market for a new pack frame and have read the posts for the Barney's packs. A couple of freinds of mine back in Montana have recommended a Bull-Pac frame. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this frame? From the web-site, it looks like a well made unit.

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    Default It isn't a barneys!

    I tried on a bull pac long ago. It was comfy, but is no barneys pac! The bull pac was also just a pac frame with no bag. Even if I was just looking for a pack frame, I would still buy a barneys frame!

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    Default Bull-Pac

    I like mine. I primarily use it for packing meat and I just tie on the meat bags. The things I like about the pack frame are its toughness and durability, and comfort with a heavy load.


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