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    Hey all,

    Just looking for a place to take my little zodiac w/ 15 hp motor this summer and do some fishing. Is cooper lake any good & also how early does the is usually gone from cooper lake?


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    Default cooper lake

    I've camped and fished on Cooper several years ago in May. We all got sunburned. And the fishing was good for dolly's. Lots of firewood down at the dam end where we stayed.

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    good fishing up there. Dollies and Rainbows. Troll #3 mepps. Take only what you can use. Good luck
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    Default Ice cleared out??

    Thanks guys, sounds like good fishing. I imagine that since it's higher than Kenai that the lake is clear of ice later as well. Would it be clear but like the middle of May??


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    Last year, there was still ice on Cooper Lake on the weekend of may 19th. I have been up there on memorial day weekend before the ice has gone out, and been up there on memorial day weekend when the ice has already broken. I can not say I have had as much luck fishing for dollies and rainbows as the others have, but I dont go up there for the fish.


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