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    Any fans out there of Burris. I have a signature spotter that I have been using for the last 4 years. I just recently purchased a Leica 82 w/ the 60 power eye piece thinking that I was upgrading. I've been looking through both of them for the last week and have myself convinced that the Burris is just as good (if not better), at half the weight....low light, long distance, detail, all conditions.

    Anybody out there of like mind? Or have a similar experience?


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    I had a burris spotter. "The Spotter" which was later called the Signature Series. I liked the scope except for the eye relief for me. I have this overhanging brow and at higher power it was like looking through a straw. I could not get my eyeball close enough to the lens. But, the optics were good. I also had a burris rifle scope years ago on a ruger 7mm. That was one accurate rifle scope combo.
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    Thumbs up Burris...

    Burris is awesome. I have had a 6x24 signature series on a 300 Weatherby for years. Got a Burris Black Diamond 8x32 on an Armalite AR-50 (50 bmg). If Burris scopes can hold up to the abuse from those two rifles, they can take anything. Incredible scopes. The "Burris Forever" warranty is nice to have for sure, but looks like I will never get to use it.
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