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Thread: Snowmachine Trailers at Fred Meyer

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    Default Snowmachine Trailers at Fred Meyer

    I noticed Freds was selling steel trailers without decking outside the E.R. store. I think it was for $500 or so. Anyone know the scoop on these? Is that a good deal? Do they tilt?

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    I've seen those and the Sam's Club trailers over the years and personally won't have another steel trailer for sleds or wheelers. If you want a trailer that is going to last a long time I recommend investing in a good brand whether it's steel or aluminum. Those trailers are not made for Alaskan roads.

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    They are garbage. Don't even bother.
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    Default garbage is right!

    Junk! We get to see them on the side of the highway all the time. Most people just pull the license plate off and leave them! They are good for yard work behind and atv, that is about it!

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    Default Junk Trailer

    It has always supprised me to see someone spend $14 - $20,00 for two nice machines and then cheap out on a $500 trailer to haul them, spend a little money to trust your e4quipment to a quality trailer and keep your machines from tumbling down the road.
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    Wow. Sounds pretty unanimous. Good to know.


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