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    Looking at something in a 10 x 40, how does pentax glass compare. I know you get what you pay for but I can't justify paying for the Leica or zeiss. Looking at the Leupold cascade or pinnacle vs the Pentax DCF HRc.

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    Default Leupold Pinnacles

    Well, I cannot speak for the Pentax, but I had a pair of Leupold pinnacles that I loved. However, I got a fantastic deal on a pair of Leica's so I did get them. The big difference is not day-time glassing, but in low-light situations, the Leica are significantly better. The Pinnacles are great binos though and they don't break the bank. My hunting partners used to comment on how well the Pinnacles performed compared to their Leicas while sheep hunting (daytime). I know a lot of guys say this but CALL DOUG at Cameraland. Great guy to work with, he will give you answers to your questions and the best deal around on binos. Just bought a Leica spotter from him and very pleased.

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    I have had the Pentax DCF SP 10x43's for about 4 or 5 years. Excellent binos imo and a real sleeper as far as value when it comes to binos. When I bought them I was comparing them to my friends venerable Zeiss Classic 10x40's. Same league if you ask me as far as image. Your eyes may tell you a different story. You really just need to look through them. At that time Zeiss had just come out with the Victories to replace the Classics and the opinions were the Classics had a better image. They retailed for around 1500. The Pentaxes retailed for around 600 I think but I got them for around 450, lifetime warranty, waterproof, fogproof, etc. No doubt the big 3 binos are nice but personally I think they are way overpriced unless you can find a skookum deal.
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