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Thread: Cor-Bon DPX Ammo

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    I am thinking about getting some Cor-Bon DPX ammo in .338 win mag loaded with 250 grain Barnes TSX. Does any body know about Cor-Bon DPX ammo? Is it quality stuff? Does it shoot well?

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    I know knothing of the DPX ammo of which you speak...

    However, I tried Corbon Ammo on two seperate occasions and quickly came to the conclusion they have major quality control problems.

    357Sig Corbons were very inaccurate and gave me the only fail-to-ejects in two Glocks and a Sig.

    Their 44 mag brass would not extract from the cylinder of my S&W. They had to be pounded out with a dowel.

    I have had people get mad at me and call me names because I badmouth their Corbons. That is OK, I know what I saw.

    I was once told by a fellow, supposedly in the know, that they hotload their ammo to increase velocities and create a following of shooters.

    Maybe I was unlucky, twice, but I won't take a chance by putting that crap in any of my guns ever again.


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