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Thread: Silvers in Homer ?

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    Hi guys, I will be in Homer roughly the middle of August staying within walking distance of the Anchor River. My question is what is the best method for fishing for silvers. I do not have a boat but I will have a car.Any brief on equipment and baits or lures is greatly appreciated.Thanks Flyrod

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    I recommend quality salmon eggs early in the morning on the Anchor. I mean like show up at your spot while it is still dark out, cause the best fishing for silvers is almost always at first light. You'll need snelled octopus hooks in a 2/0 size. If you have trouble detecting strikes bouncing eggs on the bottom, a bobber can be invaluable, adjust it to skim the eggs a foot off of the bottom, with 1 or 2 split shot about 18 inches up from the bait. If you are fishing tide water, you may need to bring the eggs up to mid-water because there is no current to force the fish down. There are a few good holes on the anchor but I always like starting out at the slide hole campground and working my way downstream. Remember you can only fish for salmon below the forks. Good Luck!

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    Yes, bobber and eggs are the ticket. Hopefully the river gets more water in the month of August. Fishing was a little tougher last year, but the fish were good size.


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