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Thread: Black Bear on Kenai

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    Default Black Bear on Kenai

    My brother and I are going to be on Kenai in late Sept. We are still putting together the trip. Will probably stay in State or Fed cabins. Where is the best place to hunt black bear? I have lots of deer hunting experience, but we have no bears in Kansas. It will be with a rifle. I want it to be DIY, to keep the cost down. Any suggestions? Advice?

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    Depends on if you are looking to eat or just kill. If you are looking to eat glass slopes above tree line, look for bears eating berries. A small boat of some sort would be really helpful for that so you could glass the slopes of cooper lake. Bears eating berries have been described to me as "The best game meat in Alaska" and "The only thing better than sheep" If you just want to kill a bear hang out by a salmon stream long enough and you'll probably run into a blackie
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