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Thread: Yakutat saltwater fishing

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    Default Yakutat saltwater fishing

    I am wondering what the saltwater fishing is like in Yakutat in August. What would be available? What size Halibut could we expect to catch?
    Thanks for any information

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    I was getting days with 100# averages on Halibut, there were silvers and kings, with easy ling fishing! I don't think you can go wrong. Silvers will be showing up around the first week of Aug. The Halibut fishing can be crazy! Fishing is still fishing, there are tough days through the whole year. We don't really have any wide open chicken holes. I have better luck finding wide open 60-200# fish bites. halibut gets tough in Sept, mostly weather dependent. THe Dogfish can be hell after a big S.E. wind. Make your reservations, leave your cell phone at home, and enjoy Paradise! PM me if you need advise on booking a trip!


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