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Thread: Which Rangefinder?

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    Default Which Rangefinder?

    I'm looking at the Leica rangefinders. Which one between the 900LRF and 900CRF would you guys recommend. It will be going on a sheep hunt, among others.

    Is the LRF too clunky?

    I have no experience w/ either one, and want to move up from my Bushnell and Leupold. Will I gain enough to justify the extra money? Thanks for the help.


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    I own the 900 LRF. Its a great rangefinder that seemed to collect a lot more light than some of the others I've tried. Another big bonus with it is that when you range something, the sight and the numbers that pop up are bright red, not black, so its very easy to read. If I were to buy another rangefinder, I definitely would not buy a flat model like the LRF's. Its just too hard to hold steady with one hand out beyond, say, 200 yards, compared to the upright models (like the CRF). Other than the red numbers, leica makes better optics than bushnelll, in my opinion. On the other hand, if the bushnell works great, I'd say keep it.

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    Is the LRF still being produced? Either way, it seems for sheep hunting the winner is the compact, lightweight CRF. Other than the high price, I haven't read any negative views on this model. The glass is good enough it can be used as a monocular (so you could leave the binos at home and just have the rangefinder and spotting scope).


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    I have not used the LRF in the field but my sheep hunting partner has a CRF 1300 and man is that thing nice. If you get an LRF make sure you get the LRF Scan. They have the same "guts" as the CRF's as far as the ranging goes. That crf ranges 1300 yds right now. I mean BAM. We got it to range further if I remember right. It didn't seem to matter what the target was. I have a Nikon Monarch Laser 800. About the same size and shape as the crf. I prefer that style and size over the lrf.
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    I'll tell you another good feature about the Leica CRF that I discovered last year. The target/crosshairs that you use to aim what your ranging on the Leica is a small illuminated red square and when I was hunting griz with my bow last spring most of the bears were only showing up late at night and in the spruce trying to range a griz at 1am the Leica worked like a charm, were as my bushnell would have had a hard time helping my see what I was aiming at when ranging. The CRF is simply the bomb, and when you can get it from Doug at demo pricing its not much more than the others (Nikon, Bushnell, Leupold) and the glass is great as is the instant reliable ranging capability. I got the CRF 1200 and it ranges past 1200, but I think a guy could easily use the CRF900 and never regret it. When I got the 1200 they hadn't put out the 900 yet, thats why I got the 1200.

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    Default 900 Crf

    Thanks for the help guys. It seems like a no-brainer. I guess I'll give Doug a call this week.


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    What's a good price on a 900CRF?

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    I found them on Amazon for $499 + $5 shipping..... Deal?

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    Smile Leica

    I ordered, and recieved the CRF900 from Doug at Cameraland. Certified, pre-owned for $479. No shipping or tax. Pulled them out of the box, and they are new. SWEET!!!

    Thanks for the advice guys.


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