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Thread: Going To Jim Creek Tomorrow.

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    Default Going To Jim Creek Tomorrow.

    My buddie and I are planning on loading up the quads and taking them to Jim Creek tomorrow night. We are leaving town around 5pm. I know it is a late start, but both of us work tomorrow night. All are invited.

    We are planning on being there late, so don't send a search party if I don't post up that night. I will post up early the next morning.

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    This run was cancelled. However, we are going out Sat. night after I get home from drill (about 5pm). As always, all are invited.

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    Default Did you make it out?

    I was out Friday with a couple of others on the lakes and out to Wolf Point. Good ride but that ice was slick with that little new snow on it!
    There is a faster way off the mountain, might hurt a little though.

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    Right now the winds are probably a sustained 30mph with gusts to 60-70 mph and a driving sidewayz rain. Been like this for over two days.


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