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Thread: marlin bolt issue.

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    Default marlin bolt issue.

    I have a Marlin 1895G and the bolt to it has the coating coming off, the action isnít very smooth either. I havenít been able to find a replacement bolt, could I have the current one bead blasted and jeweled to fix it? Would fixing the bolt make the action smoother?

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    Default Marlin Gun Parts Try this site they have parts for just about every gun ever made even guns no longer made or for Mfg that are out of Business

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    The flaking on the bolt is a nickel coating. Marlin will replace it under warranty. If you want to smooth your action, you can have a gunsmith do it or do it yoursel. Go to the and do a search, its easy but time consuming to do it right, you will need a dremel, some cratex wheels, sharpies, small files, crocus cloth, etc

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    Thanks for the info, greatly appreciated.


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