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Thread: Tikka T3 Lite Rifle- Good or Bad

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    Default Tikka T3 Lite Rifle- Good or Bad

    I have a friend who just bought a Tikke T3 Lite rifle, 7 mag.. Just looking for opinions on Tikka T3 Lite rifles. As an aquaintance of this friend says tikka's are junk and no good! I have not owned or shot a tikka rifle so am no help. I told him I knew where to find the help though. So please give him your opinions.

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    Use the search function and you will see tons of info on the Tikka!
    Mostly positive some don't like the ergonomics of the rifle but If your friend is one of the many that do then I am sure he will be satisfied.

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    Default T-3 Lite

    I own 3, and guys I hunt with own 3 more. They have the smoothest action of any rifle you will handle. Free floated barrel, adjustable trigger, light, and for all practicle purposes-it's a Sako.

    Everyone of mine has been able to produce 1/4" groups at 100 yards with handloads-NO gunsmithing. NUFF SAID!!

    I believe proper barrel break-in is critical to this kind of accuracy, though. Get one and never look back.

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    Default Great Gun - Great Prices

    I bought one in 7 mag two years ago. I also own Remingtons, Rugers and CZ's this Tikka in my opinion out shines them all. Smooth action, great trigger the scope mounted easy- just a pleasant experience from the getgo. Like its been said out of the Box they shoot tight groups without any tinkering. Actually a friend owns a Sako and he likes my Tikka better- Go Figure. I could not find a local dealer so I bought it online.

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    Default Great Rifle!

    My Tikka T3 is also a 7mm and I love it. It feels great, and the trigger is very very good. Some people have problems with the factory scope rings, I haven't yet but I know some people ***** about them. He might want to get a limbsaver prefit pad for the Tikka, that will make it even more comfortable. Great rifle, no doubt.


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