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    What is the Chandalar River like from the Haul Road down to Chandelar Lake? It looks like it passes through some wonderful country and I'd like to know if anyone here has floated it. Is the river raftable?, canoeable? Class II, III, IV? Rocky? Gravel? Slow, Swift? What could you expect when you float that section? thanks

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    It is very braided and shallow. Water levels will have alot to do with how much trouble you have. I floated the uppermid-lower section last year, starting just above where the braids start to lessen. Still some dragging in numerous parts. When we got to the lake we heard that to guys came all of the way down in a zodiac the week before. Apparently the bottom of their boat was ripped very badly. One other thing, don't know when you plan on floating but there was LOT'S of traffic in september, both guides and private parties. I will not be returning for hunting season. Pretty amazing thing too. We thought there would be caribou everywhere but they don't really migrate through there. Your right about one thing though, beautiful place. If you want some input on places to float in the area, try Dirk at Coyote Air in Coldfoot.


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