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    Does anyone know where to get ahold of a dummy collar? I tried to turn my other collar into one, but the prongs don't come off. I'm looking for something that won't bother her neck for long duration. Also does anyone have any ideas on how to break a possilbe collar wise dog, she is only 8 months but she has her moments where if the collar isn't on her she seems to know it and runs around not listening and the more i call her the more she gets wound up and runs around more, till eventually she comes. Any input would be great. thanks

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    Go back and refine your obedience. Start with her on a long line. Then over to long rope. If you don't have control at your side you don't have control at a distance. It is typical for dogs to always test the waters. Your rules are for life and not just when your dog wants. Your standard never changes and you should require it out of your dog. That is of course if you have done your homework and "taught" your dog what the standard is.
    Since your dog is collar wise I would definitely have her wear the dummy collar or the actual unit during your training and on the long line to start with. Once obedience is thorough then I would properly collar condition your dog.
    Remember don't teach with the collar. It is a tool to reinforce already known commands. Let me know if I can further assist.

    Lion Country Supply
    Gundog Supply
    and the list goes on.
    Each collar manufacturer typically also makes a dummy collar. I know Tritronics, Dogtra, Innotek and DT make them.


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