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Thread: Anyone using Wensel Woodsman BHs??

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    Default Anyone using Wensel Woodsman BHs??

    I packed them last year but no chance to test them.
    I'll use them for black bear this year, & unless I encounter problems wil probably use them for moose too.
    I use Grizzly Stick Alaskans, & total weight is around 590gr.
    I'll be using them in my 58# Fedora TD recurve.
    Vance in AK.

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    Thumbs up Woodsmans

    Vance, I shot a 6foot 4 inch black bear at 14 yrds with a 56# recurve last spring. I took a quartering away shot. I broke 2 ribs going in and the woodsman lodged in the opposite shoulder. I can' say anything but good about these broadheads. That bear ran 30 yards and fell in sight. They cut a wicked wound channel. They are a little tough to sharpen, but well worth the time. I used the glue on.

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    they are definatly made for black bear hunting or other thin skinned animals. One recommendation I'd give is to nip the tip back just a bit. I've also gone after black bears with them however have yet to kill one withm. My go to's are 2 blade zwickey eskimos and have been for a very long time now


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