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    Default reloading for beginners.......

    I am wanting to get into reloading my own rifle/pistol ammunition (.44 Mag, 30-06 and 35 whelen). I have been looking around at the various makes and types of kits out there from RCBS, LEE, Lyman etc. There seems to be a pretty big variation in $ between Lee and everyone else. Is their stuff junk, or is everyone elses stuff a little overpriced? I am very interested in the LEE breech lock challenger kit($100), and the RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme kit($280). I have heard nothing but good things about RCBS, but I have never met someone who uses the lee stuff except for a priming tool. If there is any advice for a beginner out there I would really appretiate it. I shoot a lot of black powder so working up a load isnt chineese arithmatic to me, just a VERY different process. Thank you!!!!!

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    I have use an RCBS setup. It's what I learned on and eventually bought for myself. As with anything (w/few exceptions) you get what you pay for. I am sure you will get more than enough responses to make a decision. Good Luck.

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    It makes me happy for each new person that gets into the joy of reloading, I like to see new shooters that join the ranks. I like to see them get good solid basic information and not be snowed under by the bigest and most expensive press and other equipment that is not necessary for the beginner. first get a couple loading manuals and let the information soak in. I din't know af any bad equipment on the market, just stronger and more expensive. Each person has a different budget and if you can afford the best go ahead and you will like it and if you must go bare bones do it and you will enjoy it. I would say to stay away from any progresive press for a while you will learn on your own what you need and want in the books or a friend who is a helper to your venture. You will need powder scale some dies a press, these come in most starter kits the books will show you what else. Yes Lee makes good stuff, I like their dies and other equipment, I would only consider their strongest press, but they also make the less expensive and good things for people who maybe can't afford to go first class and I will assure you that an experienced hand loader will load precision loads with it. Good luck in your journey to some great fun Rolling Your Own

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    Aknewbie, you should have posted this over in the reloading forum, it will get a lot of banter over there. But Dutch is right, you do get what you pay for. Go down to Sportsmans and take a look at the presses. they have them lined up in there, and I believe they have one Lee press in there. I am not bashing anyone's equipment if you have Lee, and I have a few Lee items that are good quality items, but for a press, I think you would do well to stick with RCBS, Redding and Lyman, last. I started with Lyman, and still use my Orange crusher press for my rifle loads. it's ok, but one of these days, I am going to step on up to the redding T-7 turret press. It is the heat man. I got to use a couple different ones friends have gotten, and I am impressed to the max. This redding turret press is beefy and solid, and has a super wide opening so your not squishing your fingers in there when working with super long cases like the 300 Ultra class of rounds or the 375 H&H. It is $200 just for the press, but cash well spent. but don't listen to me, the RCBS rock chucker is a fantastic choice. Just go and look at some of these and play with them a little bit and you'll be able to tell the difference in quality. The master kit you mentioned is a good kit, but you'll need many more tools to successfully load rounds. Good luck.

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    I own the basic Lee press, an old Lee handpress, and an RCBS rockchucker. The Rockchucker is worth the money. The Rockchucker kit that Sportsman's has is a great way to get started. I am going to buy one for my son so I don't have to share any more


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